Ready-made curtains are available in a range of widths and drops. All our curtain packs contain a pair of curtains, unless stated otherwise.

When measuring for curtains ideally fit the curtain pole or track first, and then always use a metal tape measure for better accuracy. For more detailed information please see our guide to measuring your window



On our website, the width measurement is always displayed before the drop

Choose a width which most closely matches the length of your pole or track

Track - ensure you measure the width of the curtain track and not the window

Pole - ensure you measure the width of just the pole, not including the finials (end pieces)

The width measurement of the curtain pack actually refers to the width of a single curtain, but so the curtains hang correctly the gathering will require you to have double the window-width of material. For example, if your pole or track is up to 122cm wide, we recommend curtain pack size of 109cm to 117cm.


This is the length or height of the curtain.

Curtains should fall to either:

Window sill length - the curtain finishes 1.5 cm above the sill

Below the window sill - the curtains finishes 10-15 cm below the sill or 3 cm above the radiator

Floor length -

Float (traditional) - the curtains finishes 1 cm above the floor

Touching - the curtain is 5 cm longer than the drop measurement

Pooling - the curtain is approx. 30cm longer than the drop measurement


Measuring the drop:

Pencil pleat heading

Track - the drop should be measured from the top of the track

Pole - the drop should be measured from the bottom of the curtain rings / hooks

Eyelet heading

Track - eyelet curtains aren’t suitable for tracks

Pole - the drop should be measured from the top of the pole allowing for fabric to be visible above the pole

If there isn’t a drop size which meets your requirement, please contact us to arrange an alteration.



If you need any advice please contact us on 02382 350050 or at