Measuring Guide

How do I measure my window for curtains?

Measuring your window is easier than you think, if you follow our simple advice. For the most accurate measurements we recommend using a metal tape measure and preferably having your pole or track already fitted when hanging curtains outside your window. Virtually all curtains will be hung outside the window recess on a track or a pole. The information below will help you measure both for the recess measurement, and for curtains hung outside the window frame.

Measuring inside window recess

Measure from left to right and from top to bottom, within your window frame.

Measure from left to right and top to bottom

Measuring width outside window

Measure the width of your track or pole. Ideally your track or pole should extend 15cm either side of your window to allow for optimum stack back.

Curtain pole placed outside the window frame


Measuring for curtain drop

Where your curtains fall is a personal preference, but there are generally three popular lengths for curtains where they sit either; on the window sill, just below the window sill or are floor length. The general rule of thumb is to measure from the top of your track or pole, to where you want the curtain to finish.

Where to measure for the drop of curtains

Should I measure in inches or centimetres?

Legally, we have to sell your curtains in centimetres so all correspondence and quotes will be sent in this way, however if you would prefer to work in inches then the easy way to convert inches to centimetres is to multiply the inch measurement by 2.54. So, for example, four foot, is 48 inches or 122cm.

Still need a bit of help?

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