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Curtains terms explained

What is meant by "curtain drop"?
This is the length or height of the curtain. This is normally the height from the curtain pole to either to just above or just below the window sill, or to the floor.

What is "fullness" and "gather" in a curtain?
The gather and fullness refers to the width of material in each curtain. You may notice that most window curtains do not lie flat. Traditionally curtains are hung so that they fall into soft folds. The folds also known as "gather" or "fullness" are created by increasing your width 2x to 3x your flat window reveal size. There are many advantages of gathering your curtains, the most common is for greater privacy and insulation as well as for aesthetic reasons. However, it is becoming more popular to hang curtains as flat panels with latest sleek boutique fashion trends. This will impact the width of curtain you select.


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