Clarke & Clarke Alvar Curtain Fabric

Fabric available by the metre, or contact us for a quote to have curtains made for you
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With one of the most eclectic portfolios in Sanderson Design Group, Clarke & Clarke responds to the need for versatile, high-quality designs. Always with a finger on the pulse of recent trends, the brand makes nods from the sleeky modern to the decadently glamorous.

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Fabric Only
152-49-CONFIG-Blush ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Blush Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Blush DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Blush Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Blush StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Blush ColourBlush
152-49-CONFIG-Blush Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Blush Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Blush Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal ColourCharcoal
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Charcoal Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Citron StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Citron ColourCitron
152-49-CONFIG-Citron Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Citron Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Citron Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Citron DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Citron Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Citron ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Citron Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Heather Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Heather Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Heather ColourHeather
152-49-CONFIG-Heather StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Heather Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Heather DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Heather Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Heather ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Heather Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry ColourRaspberry
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Raspberry Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Agean Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Agean Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Agean ColourAgean
152-49-CONFIG-Agean StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Agean Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Agean DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Agean Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Agean ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Agean Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Amber Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Amber Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Amber ColourAmber
152-49-CONFIG-Amber StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Amber Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Amber DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Amber Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Amber ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Amber Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Ash Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Ash Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Ash ColourAsh
152-49-CONFIG-Ash StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Ash Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Ash DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Ash Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Ash ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Ash Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon ColourCeladon
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Celadon Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Chive Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Chive Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Chive ColourChive
152-49-CONFIG-Chive StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Chive Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Chive DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Chive Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Chive ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Chive Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia ColourFuchsia
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Fuchsia Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Herb Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Herb Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Herb ColourHerb
152-49-CONFIG-Herb StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Herb Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Herb DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Herb Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Herb ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Herb Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo ColourIndigo
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Indigo Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender ColourLavender
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Lavender Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Rose Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Rose Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Rose ColourRose
152-49-CONFIG-Rose StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Rose Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Rose DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Rose Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Rose ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Rose Country of OriginChina
152-49-CONFIG-Teal Width144cm
152-49-CONFIG-Teal Pattern RepeatNo pattern repeat
152-49-CONFIG-Teal ColourTeal
152-49-CONFIG-Teal StyleRich Plain Velvet
152-49-CONFIG-Teal Composition100% Polyester
152-49-CONFIG-Teal DensityDense
152-49-CONFIG-Teal Washing CareDry Clean Only
152-49-CONFIG-Teal ReturnableNon Returnable - please order sample
152-49-CONFIG-Teal Country of OriginChina
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