Diamond Blackout Cream Eyelet Curtains

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These curtains feature a 95% blackout lining and are finished with an eyelet heading. The triple backing that has been applied to these curtain liners gives them lightproof, thermal and noise excluding properties.


These curtains feature a 95% blackout lining and are finished with an eyelet heading. The triple backing that has been applied to these curtain liners gives them lightproof, thermal and noise excluding properties.

Includes: 1 pair of curtains.

Colour: Cream. Also available in charcoal grey, blue, mink and silver

Washing care curtains: Cool machine wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, warm iron.

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Ready Made Curtains
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 QuantityPair of Curtains
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 Ready for Despatch in4 Days
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 ReturnableYes
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 Composition100% Polyester
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 Fabric TypeThermal Blackout
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 Washing careCool machine wash
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 ColourCream
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 Heading TypeEyelet
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-1 StyleSquares, Geometric
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 QuantityPair of Curtains
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 Ready for Despatch in4 Days
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 ReturnableYes
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 Composition100% Polyester
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 Fabric TypeThermal Blackout
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 Heading TypeEyelet
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 ColourCream
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 Washing careCool machine wash
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-2 StyleSquares, Geometric
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 Ready for Despatch in4 Days
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 ReturnableYes
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 Composition100% Polyester
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 Fabric TypeThermal Blackout
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 StyleSquares, Geometric
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 Heading TypeEyelet
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 Washing careCool machine wash
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 QuantityPair of Curtains
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-3 ColourCream
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 Fabric TypeThermal Blackout
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 StyleSquares, Geometric
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 Heading TypeEyelet
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 ColourCream
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 Washing careCool machine wash
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 QuantityPair of Curtains
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 Ready for Despatch in4 Days
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 Composition100% Polyester
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-4 ReturnableYes
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 QuantityPair of Curtains
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 Ready for Despatch in4 Days
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 ReturnableYes
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 Composition100% Polyester
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 StyleSquares, Geometric
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 Heading TypeEyelet
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 ColourCream
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 Washing careCool machine wash
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-5 Fabric TypeThermal Blackout
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 QuantityPair of Curtains
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 Washing careCool machine wash
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 Ready for Despatch in4 Days
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 ReturnableYes
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 Composition100% Polyester
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 Fabric TypeThermal Blackout
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 StyleSquares, Geometric
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 ColourCream
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-6 Heading TypeEyelet
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 Composition100% Polyester
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 Fabric TypeThermal Blackout
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 StyleSquares, Geometric
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 Heading TypeEyelet
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 ColourCream
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 QuantityPair of Curtains
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 ReturnableYes
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 Washing careCool machine wash
AS-Diamond-Blackout-CR-7 Ready for Despatch in4 Days
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