At Love My Window we sometimes run customer competitions. You can find the terms and conditions of these competitions below, as well as a record of the winners.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Competitions are open to residents of the UK only. 
  2. Entrants must be at least 16 years of age. 
  3. For an entry to be valid all entry criteria must be met, as set out in the competition information. Part entries will not be accepted. 
  4. Entry criteria may vary. 
  5. The final value of our competitions will be set and at no point will the prize value be limitless. 
  6. Winners will be picked either at random from all the entries across all platforms, for general entry competitions or based on their entry, for example: if the competition calls for “the best photo of your living room window”, the photo deemed to be the best will be chosen. 
  7. Employees of Love My Window or our parent organisation Net Curtains Direct, may enter the competition but will not be entitled to win. 
  8. If an employees name is selected at random, a second name will automatically be drawn until the winner is not an employee. I
  9. f a prize remains unclaimed for a period of time, as deemed reasonable by Love My Window, either a new winner will be chosen or the prize will remain unclaimed. 
  10. If the same person is selected to win more than one competition, another winner will be drawn. 
  11. Reasonable delivery charges will be covered by Love My Window. 
  12. Where applicable, delivery information must be provided by the winner in a timely manner. 
  13. Winners may choose to purchase a product more expensive than the prize value, in this instance the value will be deducted from the total value of the order. 
  14. Any costs associated with the prize that go above and beyond the prize limit set will be liable for payment by the winner/customer. Where this is the case, nothing will be dispatched until the balance has been paid. 
  15. Competitions will normally close at the time/date given however on occasion competitions may still appear to be live after this time. 
  16. No entries will be accepted after the competition has closed. 
  17. Love My Window reserves the right to end any competitions without warning and without awarding a prize. 
  18. Love My Window’s decision will be final in all instances.