Buying guide: Poles & Tracks

All our poles and tracks are available in various colours and sizes. This information various per product and will be explained in more detail in the product information.

Integra discreet track, shore pole and integra woodworks pole

Track or Pole?

Curtain poles are visible and often decorative. Curtain tracks tend to be hidden by the curtains.

Most curtain types can be hung with a curtain pole. For tape top curtains you will need curtain rings and hooks. Eyelet or tab top curtains will slot directly onto the pole, therefore you may discard the rings supplied with the pole.

Curtain tracks can only be used to hang curtains with a tape header (or 'pencil pleat') but are often more flexible for more complex windows like a bay window.

Curtain poles are available in various diameters. Larger diameter poles are more suitable for heavier curtains.

Measuring for a curtain pole or track

Normally the pole or track should extend 15cm either side of the window, so you should select a pole or track which is at least 30cm wider than your window recess.

Fitting a curtain pole or track

Poles and tracks can be cut to fit using a hacksaw. If using two poles you should cut off an equal amount off both poles so that the join remains in the middle.

Poles and tracks should be fitted approx. 15cm above the window. Tracks may also be fitted to the ceiling or inside the window recess for a dormer window.

Brackets should be placed either side of the window recess, approx. 5cm before the end of the pole.

If the window is wider than 180cm then a central bracket will also be needed as the curtain fabric becomes quite heavy.



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